Introducing The Super-Dope Sensation: DJ You!!!

So here's a project I've been turning over in my head. It's a project that hopefully will involve and include YOU. Unfortunately, I'm better at coming up with broad ideas than the logistical fine print, so this idea is kinda still in the logistical hell phase. Help a bruvvah out and read on:

Well, you see, what I want to do is create a collaborative chain-letter music compilation in which we all add a song to a CD/cassette, and once that CD/cassette is full of our favorite tuneage, one of us (oh, say, ME) copies that sucker and sends a copy to everyone who participated. Diarrhealand's greatest (S)hits!

Here's how I see it happening:

1. I make a mix-tape/CD for someone, and I mail it to them. I'd keep the participants limited to folks with weblogs (should it be D-land only?).

2. That person then enjoys the music, and then makes a mix-tape/CD of their own. BUT: They have to include to their compilation ONE SONG that they liked from MY mix. That song will be labelled in the liner notes as "Gadfly's" or however you wanna attribute it, and then you mail it to the next person.

3. The next person makes a compilation, but has to include the song of mine, PLUS they have to include their favorite song from the previous person's selections. And so on and so on.

4. OH! I forgot: Artsy-craftsy liner notes and packaging are KEY to this project. Even if you aren't artsy-craftsy, you could write little mini-essays on why you chose the songs you did and why they're important to you. You could put stickers all over the jewel case. You could create your own weirdo slipcover for the CD. You could decorate your cassette with sparkley puff paint markers. Something. It's a gift for the next person on the mix-tape project chain, and something to inspire them for the next person's slice of the project. Have fun with it.


Here are the problems I'm running into with this idea:

PROBLEM 1. When the project gets around to, like, the 10th person, they're not gonna have a lot of fun recording all those other people's choices, PLUS the choice they have to include. That doesn't leave a whole lot of room for mix-tape wizardry, does it?

SOLUTION (?): First, you can re-arrange the order of the previously-chosen songs in any way you like. Just as long as the songs stay in the mix, you can tinker with the presentation in any way you choose. Second, if you don't have a lot of room left to add to the compilation, you're free to put together a second whole new disc of your own mix-tape madness.

PROBLEM 2. Some people don't have CD burners. Some people don't have cassette recorders. What to do?

SOLUTION: When you select the person who's gonna be the next link in the chain, send them an e-mail and ask 'em what they have by way of music-recording stereo stuff. If it's all good, then no problem. If there's a clash in what they have and what you have, you can either work it out or find a new person to send to. Simple enough.

And there you go.

When we fill up a whole CD (or cassette), it can somehow hopefully get back to me, I'll buy a box of blankies, and send out the proud results to everyone who participated. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Oh, and just so Lars from Metallica doesn't come knocking at my door with a baseball bat: this is SO not for personal monetary gain. Unless you're talking about the postal service or the makers of blank recording media. Go sue them. Go beat them up. We're just trying to have a little bit of pleasure in our lives, so push off.

Anyway. This is my geeky little music club idea and if you wanna be part of it or have any ideas to make it a better idea, pleeeeeze let me know.

OH: and whoever got me that Eno/Byrne album, you whup a hyeana's ass like a Texas madman.

Rock over London, rock on Chicago: Wheaties - the Breakfast of Champions.

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