GADFLY'S BEST-OF 2002: Can You Feel The Magic? WELL, CAN YOU?! ANSWER ME!!!


SMILE! YOU FOUND MY SPECIAL SECRET SPOT!!! that I've managed to scare you into a catatonic fugue state, let's get down to business...

About The Disc: You've probably noticed that there are more songs on your compilation than there are tracks from which to flip back and forth. Annoying, huh? Yeah, well, that's what you get when you use a broken stereo component CD burner to put together a mix comp, rather than a fancy-schmancy CD-ripper built into your computer. You see, I try to keep it real by staying up to date with the latest technologies while at the same time making my resources as ramshacklefully white-trash as possible, at all times. Yee-haw.

So anyway, here's the list of songs included in my 2002 Best-Of compilation, in the order they appear on your disc. By all means, let me know which were your faves, which were big turn-offs, and which just plain scared you.

And if I'm not already enjoying your mix compilation tape or CD of 2002 faves, GET CRACKIN', cracky!


1. So-Called Party Over There - Gonzalez
2. Talking Ernest - Kimya Dawson
3. Six Days - DJ Shadow
4. Music Plus One - Cornershop
5. People in the City (Jack Lahana mix) - Air
6. Truth or Dare - N*E*R*D w/ Kelis
7. Alright Alright - Sahara Hotnights
8. City of Angels - The Distillers
9. Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style - Sonic Youth
10. The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
11. Untitled - Interpol
12. Starving in the Belly of a Whale - Tom Waits
13. Neediness - The Residents
14. Rippin Kittin - Golden Boy w/ Miss Kittin
15. I Would Be Your Slave - David Bowie
16. Cock Mobster - MC Paul Barman
17. Child, It's A New World - Suicide
18. When Doves Cry - Patti Smith
19. Animals - Devendra Banhart

Now, be nice little holiday elves and don't go spoiling this super-secret surprise shocker liner notes page for other folks who haven't gotten their mix comps yet, y'hear? Don't make me give you whut-for, cuz you ain't too big for me to turn you over my knee! (And if you found this for any other reason than finding the URL in my 2002 mix comp, shame on ya, nosey monkey!)

2003-10-14 - Last Haiku
2003-10-09 - Don't Cry Out Loud
2003-10-09 - Sit Down, You're Making Me Nervous
2003-10-08 - I'm Sure Miss Thing, I'm Sure
2003-10-07 - Carbonated Water, Caramel Color, Aspartame

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